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Consumer FAQs

How do I get my card?

After you watch the equivalent of 5000 Social CA$H ($50) you are automatically placed on our VIP list (a waitlist that is determined based on the order that you signed up). When we release our app and we reach you on the list, you will receive an email invitation to open your bank account and get your virtual card.

Who is eligible for the card?

We are currently only available in the USA-to-USA citizens that are 18+, have a Social Security Number, and a valid ID.

When is the app coming out?

We are hard at work to bring an all-in-one banking, and advertising marketplace app. Release of this app is determined by speeds of multiple teams and funding, therefore we don’t have an exact date of completion. However, we are well underway in bringing this to you!

Advertiser FAQs

What is the current problem for advertisers?

Advertisers cannot effectively reach consumers because of identity fraud, transparency, and trust on social platforms. It is estimated that $0.50 of every $1 spent on digital advertising is lost to fraud. 

What is Fabric’s solution for advertisers?
Advertisers can directly target verified users interested in their brand. This reduces the risk of identity fraud, reaching more consumers effectively and efficiently.
Why does Fabric's Demand Side Platform (DSP) outperform the competition?
Advertisers, Agencies, and Agency trading desks can use our DSP to target inventory on the “open internet” (display, social, video and CTV). However, we are only platform that automatically verifies and pays each user for their engagement from a portion of the bid. This results in higher KPIs across the entire conversion funnel and less wasted ad dollars to fake users and low conversions.

Investor FAQs

Who can I contact to invest or with investment inquiries?
Please email us at [email protected]
What is the minimum investment?
Investors must put in a minimum of $10,000 to invest 
Who qualifies to invest in Fabric?
US investors that meet the requirements of being “accredited” are able to invest in Fabric’s Series A offering through our broker dealer – Securitize.
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